We provides professional pet grooming services for all breeds and sizes of dogs and cats. We make every effort to create a calm, stress free grooming experience for your pet. Our staff of pet groomers are professional, patient and your pet is never left unattended.

Our shop maintains a clean, healthy and safe environment for your pet.

我們為所有品種和大小的狗和貓提供專業的寵物服務。 我們竭盡全力為您的寵物創造一個平靜,無壓力的美容體驗。 我們的寵物玩具的工作人員是專業,耐心,你的寵物永遠不會無人看顧。


Ozonization pet hair dryer 臭氧寵物吹毛機

Disinfection, deodorization, sterilization

消毒, 除臭, 殺菌

上門寵物美容 On Site Grooming 

我們為所有品種和大小的狗和貓提供專業的寵物美容, 客人可以選擇到我們的酒店或上門為你們的寵物服務。 我們竭盡全力為您的寵物創造一個平靜,無壓力的美容體驗。 我們的美容師是專業,耐心,你的寵物永遠不會無人看顧。


我們的店鋪為您的寵物保持清潔,健康和安全的環境。如選擇上門服務, 主人只需提供一個可供水及電的位置(例如洗手間)給寵物美容師,為寵物提供美容服務. 完成後,美容師會清理位置;主人亦可在旁觀看,了解進度.主人與寵物不需舟車勞動,主人只要預早以電話、Whatsapp或E-mail形式預約, 帶寵物美容工具直達你家門, 為寵物提供專業寵物美容服務.遍遠地區可能有附加費用.

WWe offer professional pet grooming for dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes, and guests can choose to come to our hotel or come to your door to serve your pet. We do our best to create a calm, stress-free beauty experience for your pet. Our groomer is professional and patient, and your pet will never be left unattended.

Our store keeps your pet clean, healthy and safe. If you choose the on-site service, the owner only needs to provide a water and electricity location (such as a restroom) to the pet groomer to provide beauty services for the pet. After the completion, our groomer will clean up the location; the owner can also watch the progress and understand the progress. The owner only needs to make an appointment by phone, Whatsapp or E-mail, and bring pet grooming tools directly to your door to provide professional pet grooming services for pets. There may be additional charges in the remote areas.

Wash & Basic Care
dry pet hair 

徹底吹乾毛髮, 同時留意皮膚的狀況, 從而可了解寵物的健康. 

Thoroughly dry the hair while keeping an eye on the condition of the skin to understand the health of the pet

Ears cleaning

用專業用的洗耳水清潔耳朵, 如有需去除部份耳毛, 可減少耳朵發炎機會

Clean the ear with a special cleanser and remove ear hair if neccessary, to reduce the chance of ear inflammation

剪指甲和修剪腳板毛, 肚毛
Nail clipping & hygiene trimming

為犬貓修剪過長指甲避免受傷,修剪腳板毛, 肚毛, 保持衛生整潔

For dogs and cats cut too long nails to avoid injury; to trim feet hair and belly hair to keep clean.

Trimming & Stylish
Chief Groomer

根據不同貓狗種類, 和主人溝通為貓狗修剪適合的造型. 首席美容師- Alex Lau擁有日本農林水產省近畿農政局所發出的認定証. 由於每隻寵物的狀況及求都略有不同, 請在接受服務前和美容師查詢服務收費. 以下收費表只供參考

According to the different types of cats and dogs, we will communicate with the owner for the appropriate grooming services. Chief groomer- Alex Lau awarded the Professional Trimmer's License from Japan P.S.G. Cooperate Union.

Since the condition and requirements are slightly different, please check the service charges with our groomer before accepting the service. Please find below price list for reference only.

首席美容師- Alex Lau擁有日本農林水產省近畿農政局所發出的認定証. 

Chief groomer- Alex Lau awarded the Professional Trimmer's License from Japan P.S.G. Cooperate Union.

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